Max and Rachel at HipMaps Booth

The HipMaps Team

Founded by a map geek, get to know the stellar team who spreads the joy

Meet the Founder

Rachel LeRoy,
Founder and CEO

I have loved maps ever since I was a little kid – I was the one poring over the World Atlas at the kitchen table on our Vermont dairy farm, fascinated by the zoomed-out perspective. After I left the farm I lived in many diverse environments, and the places on my map have helped make me who I am. Fast-forward through a degree in Environmental Science – which included a map-making class – and I was hooked on maps for life.

I have been creating maps for over two decades now and enjoy bringing a fresh approach to how we think about and use maps. They are still a lovely way to convey information, yet they also provide shared experiences, connection and a deeper sense of place. Sharing infectious, contagious joy is what HipMaps is all about!

I am deeply grateful for the awards and recognition that HipMaps has received: BizBash’s 10th Annual Event Experience Award Winner for Best New Event Product/Service; 2023 LuxLife Global Wedding Award Winner for Most Unique Wedding Destination Platform; 2022 International Live Events Association Esprit Award Winner for Best Industry Innovation; and shortlisted for the 2022 Skift Idea Award for Companies on the Rise.

And I was honored and – to be honest – a bit in awe to be named as one of BizBash’s 2023 Top 10 Industry Innovators in Event Tech…me, listed among these incredible trailblazers whom I admire?!? Pinch me! And I can say that all over again when I was named one of the 2023 Meetings Trendsetters by Meetings Today with these amazing folks. I am one proud map geek!

Fun fact: I am a huge fan of live music – my main squeeze is a musician so that’s a bonus!

Meet the 2-Legged Team

HipMaps Team - Bob, Graphic Design

Graphic Design Prestidigitator

Fun fact: People call me ‘The Font Savant’

HipMaps Team - Meet Carrie

HipMaps Top Influencer

Fun fact: My guilty pleasure is a beautiful sunset paired with a side of ocean air and a chilled glass of sangria in hand

HipMaps Team - Krystal, Neighborhood Navigator

Neighborhood Navigator

Fun fact: I have never had a cup of coffee or anything in the coffee family but I love a good piece of tiramisu

HipMaps Team - Marie, Assistant Extraordinaire

Assistant Extraordinaire

Fun fact: I’m a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan

HipMaps Team - Meet Max

Conversation Captain

Fun fact: I have the high score on Galaga in my dentist’s office!

HipMaps Team - Meet Sandy

Task Master

Fun fact: I love lists: making lists, checking items off my list – I have been known to make a list of lists I need to make!

HipMaps Team - Meet Victoria

Director of Delicate Details

Fun fact: I once co-owned a hip hop record label for a few years, and now I’m a mom of 4 boys and still mostly sane!

Meet the 4-Legged Team

HipMaps Team - Beacon, Head of Security

Head of Security

Fun fact: My favorite part about going for walks is when I get home I get a dental treat and I run really fast through the house to eat it in the room with the carpet

HipMaps Team - Pylon, Chief Napping Officer

Chief Napping Officer

Fun fact: I am a ferocious hunter but I never eat what I catch, I bring it to my family for them to enjoy