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What to include on your wedding map | HipMaps

10 Things To Include On Your Wedding Map

Would you like to provide your guests with a stellar experience at your wedding? Giving them a personalized wedding map will make you their hero! A custom wedding map will save your guests time, eliminate the overwhelming nature of too many choices, and help you create a thoughtful and personal

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Using maps to increase empathy | HipMaps

Using Maps To Increase Connection And Empathy

Can something static like a map help increase our empathetic connection with people we do not know and places we have never been? Allow me to jump directly to the answer: heck yes it can! Perspective: Maps Increase Empathy In this age of digital maps, where we can virtually travel

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Top 10 wedding map designers | Hipmaps

Top 10 Wedding Map Designers

If you are looking for a unique experience for your wedding guests, having a customized wedding map is a step in the right direction. A customized wedding map is a way to introduce your guests to the area where your wedding is taking place and give them plenty of options

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