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Custom Maps for Wineries

Increase customer engagement with branded maps! 

Two Ways to Connect With Your Customers and to Amplify Your Marketing

HipMaps Custom Maps for Wineries - Tongue Dancer

Maps for tasting rooms, education and marketing showing the location of your vineyards, AVAs, terrain and more.

HipMaps Custom Maps for Wineries - Wedding in Sonoma

HipMaps, including our interactive app the younger generations love, with your favorite hot spots and hidden gems in your area.

Enhance the Customer Experience with Branded Vineyard Maps

  • Give your tasting room team a great tool to engage with customers.
  • Your map is 100% customized to your content – show them what’s important to your wine: vineyards, varietals, AVAs/DOCs, elevation, vine age, etc.
  • Detailed maps engage guests and provide a visual narrative of the winery’s story.
  • Improve customers’ memory retention of your wine with a visual aid to increase sales.
  • Maps are designed to align with your winery’s branding and style.
  • Maps can be printed, used on your website & social media, in marketing & advertising, printed on swag for gift or purchase.
  • These maps do not include the HipMaps app so no worries, guests will not receive directions to your vineyard locations!
HipMaps Custom Maps for Wineries - William Selyem

Connect Beyond the Tasting Room with a HipMap

HipMaps Custom Maps for Wineries - Wedding
  • Unlike vineyard maps, HipMaps are both printable and use our interactive HipMaps app, appealing to both the younger generations who love everything on their phones and to the generations who prefer a printed map.
  • Gift your customers an insider’s local scoop: wineries you recommend, restaurants you love, walks/hikes, interesting things to do, hidden gems & favorite places in your area.
  • Users of the HipMaps app see their location on your map, read your curated comments about each place, link to websites, and get directions right from the app.
  • Maps are designed to align with your winery’s branding and style.
  • HipMaps are versatile and can be used to provide recommendations in the area; refer to wineries in the same ownership group or association; highlight wineries in a certain geographic area; wine club events and more!

Ways to Use Your Custom Maps

HipMaps Custom Maps for Wineries - Old Style

Check Out the HipMaps App!

image that points to the 4 main features of the HipMap app (white font)
HipMaps Custom Maps for Wineries - William Selyem
“As a winery with a lot of vineyard locations, I was cautious to start from scratch. Rachel made the task to create new winery collateral approachable, fun, and much easier than expected. Not only did the map turn out accurate (despite my many revisions) it’s beautiful and functional. It’s rare to meet someone like Rachel who not only has passion for their work but also takes feedback with grace, humility, and well, a proficiency that, to no surprise, may be the best in the biz.”

Let's Connect!

Vineyard maps are designed at our hourly rate, and HipMaps are flat-rate. Let’s brainstorm on ways we can best help with what you envision – schedule a Discovery Call with us!