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Custom Maps for Other Uses

Beyond events, lodging, municipalities and wineries, the versatility of a HipMap with our interactive app makes it a great fit for a wide range of scenarios! 

Elevate Experiences & Occasions

Our bespoke mapping services are tailored specifically for your goals! If you want to guide and assist with navigation of destinations, activities, or the unique allure and special qualities of a place – and do it all in style – HipMaps can help.

Share your unique story and connect with your audience through branded maps designed in your style and branding.

Greater Engagement for Your Guests

Easy to use, the HipMaps all includes these handy features:

The HipMaps App Provides Greater Engagement - Image of App on Phone with features listed.
HipMaps Infographic - Custom Maps for O ther Uses- Custom Design based on your style and branding.

Custom Design Based on Your Style and Branding

Leave a lasting impression with a map that reflects your branding and spirit

An Abundance of Ways We Can Be of Service

Whether you are welcoming new employees to the area, highlighting your park’s features, guiding guests around your ranch, or helping students and their families navigate your campus, we can enhance their experiences!

HipMaps Infographic - Custom Maps for Other Uses

HipMaps Versatility Allows You To Thoughtfully Map What Matters The Most

HipMaps Are Great For

Check Out the HipMaps App!

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What's Included in your HipMap Package

HipMaps - Maps for Other Uses - Employee Onboarding
HipMaps - Maps for Other Uses - Venue
“Our clients love our HipMap, our two large properties Howe Farms and Five Gables both have multiple event sites and several lodging options and our HipMap makes it easy for clients and guests to navigate - they used to get lost! Clients say using the app to see their location on our map is so helpful for them to know where they are and where they need to go.”
HipMaps venue special

Event venues, interested in a special package?

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HipMaps Sponsor Flyer

Need a sponsor for your HipMap?

Click here to download a handy PDF to help pitch sponsorship of a HipMap for your event

Start Taking It Up A Notch Today

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HipMaps Award: Skift Idea Awards - HipMaps Custom Maps with an innovative modern twist
HipMaps Award: 2023 LuxLife Global Wedding Award for Most Unique Wedding Destination Platform
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