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Custom Maps for Municipalities

Elevate your visitors’ experience and take your marketing up a notch with personalized maps that showcase the best of your city! 

Take Your Visitors’ Experience To New Heights

Enhance your visitors explorations with our bespoke mapping service tailored specifically for spotlighting your area! Whether you’re guiding visitors on a whiskey trail, highlighting local attractions for marketing efforts, or showcasing public art hotspots, our custom maps and interactive app offer a variety of ways to captivate visitors and leave a lasting impression.

Share your unique story and connect with visitors through branded maps designed in your style and branding. And the coolest thing is, a HipMap is both a fantastic tool and a memento. That’s because your customized HipMap provides the way for your visitors to relive their unique experiences and memories of their time spent in your area!

Greater Engagement for Your Guests

Easy to use, the HipMaps all includes these handy features:

The HipMaps App Provides Greater Engagement for Municipalities - Image of App on Phone with features listed.
HipMaps Infographic - Custom Maps for Municipalities - Custom Design based on your style and branding.

Custom Design Based on Your Style and Branding

Leave a lasting impression with a map that reflects your branding and the vibe of your area

Guide Guests During Events and Festivals

Ensure seemless navigation for attendees by including key event locations and scheduled activites

HipMaps Infographic - Custom Maps for Municipalities
HipMaps Infographic for Municipalities - Showcase your area's unique charms. Help guests enjoy a better connection to your local area with your hand-picked hot spots. Image of HipMaps App

Showcase Your Area's Unique Charms

You choose what to highlight on your map based on your goals: for visitors or sales and marketing – or both!

HipMaps Versatility Allows You To Thoughtfully Map What Matters The Most

HipMaps Are Great For

Check Out the HipMaps App!

image that points to the 4 main features of the HipMap app (white font)

What's Included in your HipMap Package

HipMaps Nash - A collection of events and recommendations in Nashville, Tennessee
HipMaps - Custom Maps for Cities - Sonoma ArtWalk
“I love that we have HipMaps for every Sonoma Art Walk, it makes it so easy to see what places are participating this month and which artists are being showcased. It saves paper too!”
HipMaps for Municipalities Flyer

Want to share HipMaps with your team?

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Start Showcasing Your Area Today

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