HipMaps | Custom Maps for Meetings & Events

Custom Maps for Meetings & Events

Elevate your guest’s experience by highlighting the best places to go and everything you need to know for planned activities & free time! 

Take Your Attendees’ & Guests’ Experience To New Heights

Do you want every moment of their time to really count? Simply put, a HipMap is a personalized navigation tool that makes any event so much better!

Guide guests to your planned activities and curate recommendations for their free time – and they’ll see you as the rock star that we know you are! Whether you’re organizing a business meeting, sports tournament, wedding, or some other attendee-focused experience, HipMaps are designed to enhance your guest’s experience from start to finish.

And the coolest thing is, a HipMap is both a fantastic tool and a memento. That’s because your customized HipMap provides the way for your guests to relive their unique experiences and memories of their journey with you!

Greater Engagement for Your Guests

Easy to use, the HipMaps all includes these handy features:

The HipMaps App Provides Greater Engagement for Meetings and Events - Image of App on Phone with features listed.
HipMaps Infographic - Custom Maps for Meetings and Events - Custom Design based on your style and branding.

Custom Design Based on Your Style and Branding

Leave a lasting impression with a map that reflects your event’s branding and spirit 

Guide Guests to Planned Activites

Need help herding the cats and controlling the crowd? Ensure seamless navigation for attendees by including key event locations and scheduled activites

HipMaps Infographic - Custom Maps for Meetings and Events
HipMaps Infographic for Meetings and Events - Showcase your area's unique charms. Help guests enjoy a better connection to your local area with your hand-picked hot spots. Image of HipMaps App

Craft Personalized Suggestions for Free Time

Your attendees are likely to arrive early and stay late so help make every moment count with your hand-picked hot spots, hidden gems and locals’ favorites.

HipMaps Versatility Allows You To Thoughtfully Map What Matters The Most

HipMaps Are Great For

Check Out the HipMaps App!

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What's Included in your HipMap Package

HipMap for WEC with app for Slideshow
HipMaps Custom Map for Weddings - Breckenridge Colorado
“HipMaps was a great addition to our wedding. Our wedding was in Breckenridge, which we are familiar with but most of our friends and family traveling in were not, so it was great to show off our favorite restaurants and activities to do in the mountains over the weekend. We even got to customize it to our mountain theme which fit well with the whole vibe!”
HipMaps - Custom Maps for Business Meetings and Events

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HipMaps Wedding Flyer Image

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HipMaps Flyer for Special Events

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HipMaps Sponsor Flyer

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HipMaps Award: 2023 LuxLife Global Wedding Award for Most Unique Wedding Destination Platform
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HipMaps Award: 2022 International Live Events Association Esprit Award for Best Industry Innovation