HipMap for Sports ETA Symposium

Portland | April 2024

Sports ETA Symposium in Portland | HipMaps

The Sports Events & Tourism Association (Sports ETA) and HipMaps have teamed up to bring you these hot spots and hidden gems – favorite places to eat, drink & play from locals in the know – as well as details of where to be when during the 2024 Sports ETA Symposium in Portland, Oregon!

  1. Download the HipMaps app onto your smartphone from Apple App Store or Google Play – or scan the QR code on the HipMap below.
  2. Open the HipMaps app & allow access to location while using the app.
  3. Enter access code SportsETA
  4. See your real-time location on the map (when you are in Portland), get the locals’ scoop on each place, link to websites & get directions right from the app.
  5. Come visit HipMaps Founder Rachel and Conversation Captain Max in Booth #1151 and enter to win a free HipMap!
Sports ETA Symposium in Portland | HipMaps