HipMaps Announces New App Feature

HipMaps Announces New App Feature

You shared your feedback — and HipMaps has listened!

“I’ve gotten a variety of suggestions on how we could improve our app since we launched back in June 2021,” said Rachel LeRoy, founder and CEO of HipMaps. “Consistently we got requests to add a way to access more information about the businesses listed on the maps. You spoke – and we responded! There’s now an option to link a website to any business listed on our HipMaps.”

This update makes it easier for users to check out things like restaurant menus and then make reservations — without ever having to leave the app, LeRoy added.

“It’s a new feature that allows anyone using our app to save time,” she said. “Being able to get to the website so easily just makes everyone’s life easier.”

But, if a business doesn’t have a website, or a client doesn’t want to add one for another reason, that’s also fine.

“If you don’t have a website to add, it won’t impact the appearance of the location in an awkward way,” LeRoy said.

LeRoy, who describes herself as a “total map geek,” started the company because she knew she needed to a make a career change and wanted to build a business of her own around the resource she’s always loved to create.

Since the business’s launch, HipMaps has become known for its custom maps for clients ranging from conference event planners looking to provide attendees with area restaurant options to hotels wanting to provide guests with a resource that provides personalized recommendations of what to see in the neighborhood.

“The maps serve as a sort of concierge,” she added. “We want guests & attendees to feel a connection to the host association or the property they’re visiting. One of the things I aim to do in life is spread joy — and I love that our maps help accomplish this.”

And LeRoy’s hard work is paying off. HipMaps recently received a 2023 BizBash Event Experience Award in the Best New Event Product/Service category. The business also received a 2022 International Live Events Association Esprit Award for Best Industry Innovation and was short listed for 2022 SKIFT Travel Idea Award for Companies on the Rise.

You can watch a demo of the new app feature below: