Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to create a custom map?

Every map we make is completely from scratch, we do not use templates! Once you send us your info to design the map, we will send you the first draft of your HipMap in 3 weeks. A rush service may be available, please contact us to inquire.

Yes! We love to brainstorm with you. Schedule a Discovery Call with us here and let’s put our thinking caps on and get creative.

Head to our Shop to see the flat-rate prices for different types of HipMaps. For winery maps and other mapping services, we charge our hourly rate – please contact us to talk about your project and we will provide an estimate.

A flat-rate HipMap includes up to 30 locations on your map which is designed in your style & branding, with your curated comments about each location displayed in the HipMaps app, website links and directions to each location in the app, with hosting on the HipMaps app for one year for up to 1,000 uses of your map in the app.

If your HipMap exceeds 1,000 app uses in one year, there is a $100 charge for each additional 1,000 uses. For maps with fewer than 1,000 app uses in a year, there is a $100 app hosting fee per year (after the first year). In addition, if you would like to make changes to your map after it is designed, we charge our hourly rate to update the map – and we can provide an estimate before we begin.

Heck no! You have control – only the people that you share your map access code with will be able to access your map in the app.

Your purchase confirmation will contain a link to the form you will use to send us the information for your map. Once you fill out your form and send it to us, we will start to design your map. We will send you a draft within 3 weeks of receipt of all of your map info. If you need changes made, we will deliver a second draft of your map within 5 days. If you have additional changes, we will deliver a third draft of your map within 5 days. If you have additional changes beyond the third draft we will start charging our normal hourly rate and deliver additional drafts within 5 days of receipt of requested changes. Once you approve a draft, final files will be delivered within 3 days of proof approval. We will strive to complete each stage of the process as quickly as possible and not take the entire estimated time. A rush service may be available, please contact us to inquire.

Yes, please contact us and let’s talk through how we can create a map that would not use our HipMaps app.

No, you start by purchasing one flat-rate HipMap in our Shop. We will create that first map just how you like it. Then if you are using the same branding and style, additional maps will be billed at our normal hourly rate and, because we have already figured out the style and branding, the remaining maps will each cost much less than the first map!

Absolutely, we make all kids of maps for all kinds of purposes. For maps like those for wineries, vineyards, and media use we charge by the hour at our normal hourly rate. Contact us and let’s chat about your project!

Yes, all HipMaps come with our QR code that detects what kind of phone the user has and sends them to the HipMaps app in their phone’s app store (either Apple App Store or Google Play) so it’s an easy one-click download for the HipMaps app! In addition, we can include a QR code on your map that points to a website of your choice.

Yes, we can include logos of sponsors or partners on your HipMap! We can also include them in the HipMaps app list. In fact, we have a one-page PDF to help you pitch it to a sponsor – you can download that here.

Head to our HipMaps app page for download links and instructions.

We sure do! Head to our HipMaps app page for access codes of sample maps to try out our app.