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Rachel LeRoy, Founder & Owner

I have loved maps since I was a little kid – I was the one pouring over the World Atlas, fascinated by the zoomed-out perspective. Curiosity led to finding myself in those pages, and as I grew and left the Vermont dairy farm where I grew up, explored, and lived in diverse environments, I explored my surroundings through a more personalized and confident lens. The places on my map have helped make me who I am.

Fast-forward through a degree in Environmental Science which included a map-making class and I was hooked on maps for life. I have been creating maps for two decades now and enjoy bringing a fresh approach to map design. The joy I have when I am making a personalized map for someone, when they share their favorite places with others, when their guests feel the connection to their hosts – well, sharing infectious, contagious joy is what HipMaps is all about.

When I am not creating maps I am organizing (check out Rachel LeRoy Consulting), listening to live music, hiking, traveling, loving on my 4-legged kids, and soaking up the bounty of Sonoma County, California.

Rachel LeRoy

Beacon, Head of Security and Vice President of Rewards

Beacon the Beagle

Pylon, Chief Napping Officer and Head of Daily Meditation

Pylon the Cat

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