Give your guests a sense of direction…

With a personalized way to discover the best places to go and everything they need to know!

Put the power right in the palm of their hand with HipMaps!

Then you need a HipMap!

Thoughtfully Map What Matters The Most

HipMaps Infographic - What are HipMaps
HipMaps Infographic - What are HipMaps for mobile

So... what are HipMaps?

It’s pretty simple really!

Think of a HipMap as the handy little guide you created that slips into your guest’s pocket to ensure they’re always exactly where they want and need to be. 

  • Include only the places that you want to highlight on your map – from the insider’s local scoop on hot spots & hidden gems in the area to event logistics – you choose!
  • Curate your comments about each place & tailor your map to your audience, whether that be for guests or marketing – you choose!
  • Guests link to websites and get directions right from the app – there is no need for you or your guests to learn new technology – our app is easy-peasy!
  • HipMaps are visually engaging and designed in your style with your branding, serving as part tool and part keepsake!

HipMaps ensures that every guest feels welcome and informed — and every organizer looks like a rock star. HipMaps are both printable and used in our interactive app so ALL your guests feel the love – from the digital-savvy young’uns to the paper map-loving elders!

Check Out the HipMaps App!

image that points to the 4 main features of the HipMap app (white font)

HipMaps Are Great For

HipMaps - Custom Maps for Cities - Sonoma ArtWalk

Maps for Municipalities

Elevate your visitors’ experience & showcase what makes your area unique in a variety of ways!

HipMaps | Custom Maps for Lodging | Milwaukee Hinterland Hotel

Maps for Lodging

It’s like a 24/7 concierge to share your local expertise & connect with guests via a branded map in your style!

HipMaps | Custom Maps for Meetings & Events

Maps for Meetings & Events

Enhance your attendees’ experience by guiding guests to planned activities & curate recommendations for their free time!

HipMaps - Maps for Other Uses - University Event UCI Celebrate

Maps for Other Uses

HipMaps is versatile and can be helpful for a wide variety of situations, from onboarding new employees to college parents engagement and more!

HipMaps Custom Maps for Wineries - Memento

Maps for Wineries

Take it up a notch for your tasting room guests with a map of your vineyards & AVAs, designed in your branding!

Spreading Joy, One Custom Map at a Time!

HipMaps versus Common Map Apps

See for yourself! With HipMaps you clear away all the clutter, remove the overwhelm and focus on only the places you uniquely identified – resulting in a better map experience!

Austin HipMap versus Google Map slider

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Toot our own horn? Don't mind if we do!

HipMaps Award: 10th Annual BizBash Event Experience Award for Best New Event Product/Service
The 2023 Meetings Trendsetters Blazing Trails in the Events Industry HipMaps in the media
Biz Bash Award Winner HipMaps - White Background
HipMaps Award: Skift Idea Awards - HipMaps Custom Maps with an innovative modern twist
HipMaps Award: 2023 LuxLife Global Wedding Award for Most Unique Wedding Destination Platform
HipMaps - Best Industry Innovation award ILEA
HipMaps - Custom Maps for Events - Connect marketplace 2023
“Not only is Rachel LeRoy a joy to connect with, but the HipMaps concept takes something of necessity (especially for people like me who have zero sense of direction!) and combines it with creative and visually beautiful ways to ignite attendee curiosity. What if we stopped thinking about an event as the end destination and instead, where the real attendee journey begins?”
Lead Manager of Educational Experiences

Ready to learn more?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to create a custom map?

Every map we make is completely from scratch, we do not use templates! Once you send us your info to design the map, we will send you the first draft of your HipMap in 3 weeks. A rush service may be available, please contact us to inquire.

Yes! We love to brainstorm with you. Schedule a Discovery Call and let’s put our thinking caps on and get creative.

Head to our Shop to see the flat-rate prices for different types of HipMaps. For winery maps and other mapping services, we charge our hourly rate – please contact us to talk about your project and we will provide an estimate.

A flat-rate HipMap includes up to 30 locations on your map which is designed in your style & branding, with your curated comments about each location displayed in the HipMaps app, website links and directions to each location in the app, with hosting on the HipMaps app for one year for up to 1,000 uses of your map in the app.

If your HipMap exceeds 1,000 app uses in one year, there is a $100 charge for each additional 1,000 uses. For maps with fewer than 1,000 app uses in a year, there is a $100 app hosting fee per year (after the first year). In addition, if you would like to make changes to your map after it is designed, we charge our hourly rate to update the map – and we can provide an estimate before we begin.